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Make your own customized wetsuit!

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Only at! Create your own customized wetsuit using the details below!

Please use the three pictures provided above, and fill in all relevant details included in the form downloadable below.

The downloadable form is to be filled in, the "custom made wetsuit" form. The other two pictures above are for guidance.

Measurements are all in cm, unless stated otherwise. 


The steps are as follows:

1) Fill in your details, including name, delivery address, date, and telephone number.

2) Insert your relevant measurements in cm or otherwise, using the model pictures above (x2)

3) Select a material. (Wetsuits are typically made of neoprene)

4) Select a thickness.

5) Select if you wish to have padding.

6) Select if you wish to have a wrist zipper.

7) Select if you wish to have an ankle zipper.

8) Select if you wish to have a front or back zipper design.

9) Select a name or font to place on the wetsuit, and let us know where you want it.

10) Select if the wetsuit is for a man, woman, or junior.

11) Finally, submit the completed form (x1) to our email, along with any other specifications you may have.

We will then get back to you with the quotation details, including price, payment, and delivery time. 

E.g. of custom wetsuit cost.

Customer orders 3mm 2 pieces top and bottom wetsuit, with the extra specification of including a cordura zippered pocket.

For the 2 piece wetsuit, price is RM 1328.00 for the wetsuit, and RM 204.00 per pocket. Total cost for two piece wetsuit plus one pocket is RM 1532.00