Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are all your goods always available?

A: All of our goods are subject to prior sales and stock availability. Please email us to discover your options.

Q: What warranty is available for my goods?

A: All warranties are back-to-back with the original manufacturer. This means we provide whatever warranty the original manufacturer provides.

E.g. Manufacturer A provides a 2 year limited warranty. Thus, also provides a 2 year limited warranty.

Please note that delivery charges and other ancillary charges for the effecting of any warranty claim is at the buyers expense.

Q: When are my goods considered delivered?

A: Any and all goods are considered delivered at the point they leave the company premises, in line with the international policy of "Proof of receipt is proof of delivery".

Simply said, this means that the goods are considered delivered in good condition once they leave the company premises, and the company will not bear any liability for non-delivery of goods. Any such issues must be taken up with the courier service that was used to deliver the goods, and any claim must be made against the courier company used to deliver the goods. 

Q: Does my delivery have insurance coverage?

A: By default, most delivery options have no insurance coverage. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that they have chosen to get insurance for their delivery, to cover the issue whereby goods are lost or damaged. 

Q: Is all the information on this website accurate?

A: Every attempt is made to ensure that the information presented on this website is accurate, but it may not always be. Any changes in information provided on this website is deemed to have an immediate and retroactive effect, and as such, can determine at any one point what terms are to take effect, without reservation or limitation.